Friday, January 11, 2013

How I store my Page Protectors for Project Life

When you start gathering supplies for project life you notice that your going to need a lot of  little baskets here and there for all the goodies you want to use. One thing I want to start off with is how I store my page protectors. I ordered my project life page protectors HERE. They are the original protectors from the Becky Higgins Line and they come in this simple but oh so beautiful flat white box. which look like this down below.

Doesn't this box look like page protector heaven?! LOL well it sure was when I opened that sucker up! What I love about Becky Higgin's protectors are the quality. I find that they are just so clean and clear looking. Pages and cards don't slide out as much as the baseball card protectors you would buy from the dollar store or even Wal-mart. You've got to get the good ones. I like to also purchase protectors at Staples. They have a wide selection and different sizes to choose from. Don't get me wrong I don't discriminate page protectors, I buy all sorts of brands and styles from a wide range of stores haha, basically wherever I find them I'll test them out.

 See the protectors above.. I purchased those at Wal-mart. I have to say I do like them BUT the 2 in the middle are a bit slippery so I'm afraid if my kids are going thru the album and they hold it or tilt it upside down that photos will slip out.

TIP- When I use the 2 middle page protector brands, the ones in blue packaging, I tend to bulk up my 4x6 cards just so they stay in place and fill out the protector a bit more.

OK, now how I store these things. I use to keep them in the original packaging but then I would get so annoyed of opening the plastic and closing it again and eventually the sticky strip ain't so sticky no more, so I decided to grab binders and have them placed inside and have them ready to go.

This is a Recollections Craft 12  x 12 Binder I picked up at my local Michael's. Lucky when I had gone to buy this there was a sale BUY ONE GET ONE, ONE CENT! 

For some odd reason this photo won't flip upright so just ignore the side way placement- I store my bigger protectors in  one binder and smaller ones in the other. I typically always repurchase Project Life Photo Pocket Pages - Variety Pack (Pack of 60)  which look like...

This second binder holds my smaller page protectors. 

And this my friends concludes on how I store my page protectors. I find it so much easier to just flip thru and find the style you want, even place pictures on top of them just to see how it will look and if you don't like it flip on to the next one. I hope you found this helpful and try it out yourself. Let me know how you like it if it works for you and share some of your tips with your approach towards Project Life. Would love to read about it!
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  1. That is genius. I'm going to try this. But I think I'll slide the brand information into the first protector of each group so I'll know what they are. Then if I do or don't want more of a particular brand I'll be able to remember whAt it was!